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how to download flash videos from sites other than youtube,google video, metacafe?

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Issue by rizwanakhtar08: how to download flash videos from websites other than youtube,google video clip, metacafe?
i know to obtain movies fron youtube, metacafe.
but cudn’t download films from other internet sites.

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Reply by zildjiana7

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Jill Fitzsimmons: CHART: Fox Spent More Time On “Crucify” Comments Than 3 Major Oil & Gas Risks

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

In less than a week, Fox News has devoted 34 segments totaling much more than two hours of airtime expressing outrage about the phrase option of an EPA official who spoke two a long time ago about punishing oil organizations who violate the law. That is 10 moments far more protection than Fox gave to 3 main stories connected to the dangers of oil and gasoline development, mixed.

Media Issues for The us – County Reasonable

Emery’s Draft Leaves More Questions than Answers

Monday, April 30th, 2012


The response to Phil Emery’s very first draft with the Bears has been lukeworm at finest. It is been talked about many dozen moments just before and I think it bears repeating we have to wait around to judge the alternatives until finally they enjoy on the field. That currently being mentioned, nevertheless, Emery’s very first draft was complete of surprises and, for me, still left a lot more queries than answers as far as strengthening the group goes. That’s not to say that I disagree with the picks or believe they are head-scratchers. I just ponder what can be explained about what was not completed compared to what was. I am likely to ponder these inquiries beneath and allow the visitors of this website try out to solution them for me or just get in touch with me an idiot for inquiring them in the initial area. I am going to also attempt to solution some other inquiries that have been lingering for me (and possibly other people).

1st of all, why did not the Bears take a DT or OL?

This is effortlessly the most significant looming query for most Bears fans. It truly is clear the Bears have had deficiencies along the line for some time now. I do not need to go into that. So how is it that the Bears are satisfied with what they have? Considering that the draft ended all I have read is how the Bears are really content material with what they have and will consider the group they have and mould it into a beginning group. This incorporates all the normal “Line Shuffle” stuff: The Bears could move Chris Williams back again to tackle, modify Lance Louis again to guard, change Gabe Carimi’s aspect from right to left, and so on. and so forth. How extended until the coaching staff gets sick of this each and every year? The line can not enhance much when everyone keeps modifying positions.

Also, no DT? I comprehend that assume Stephen Paea to get a stage forward and which is all great and well but the simple fact is they have five DTs on the roster Paea, Henry Melton, Matt Toeina and some camp physique named Jordan Miller additionally the UDFA they signed yesterday. The nevertheless require to substitute the snaps that left with Anthony Adams and Amobi Okoye. I observed recommendations in Den articles this early morning about bringing back Tommie Harris. The group needs DT depth.

Really, yet another basic safety?

My total issue about this is much less the selection by itself (even though did it have to be an harm prone man who sat our the whole 2011 season?) but moreso, who is pushing for all these safeties? Was Emery cozy with this? Was Brandon Hardin a man Emery wished and imagined he warranted the select or was it pushed on him by scouts and/or Lovie Smith? Eight consecutive drafts selecting a safety and 3 yrs in a row taking one in round a few.

How many kick returners does one particular crew want?

The Bears draft for special teams. They sign free of charge agents for special teams. They prioritize specific teams unlike a lot of other teams in the league. They proceed to do it regardless of the NFL’s crusade towards that phase of the recreation in the title of participant safety. But why did the Bears devote a 7th spherical choose on a CB with kick return capacity, when that could turn out to be his finest guess to stick with the team? Why decide on two CBs at all, appropriate right after you signed two FAs, albeit second tier free agents who are not necessarily heading to be day a single starters.

Now some queries that I think I can answer

Why Shea McClellin in round one?

Nicely, just, Phil Emery has said, stage blank, he and the group are in “win-now” mode and want pieces who can make an instant influence. McClellin was not a get to, I imagine, there have been a lot of 3-four groups who wished him in the 20s. I heard Brad Biggs on the Rating this early morning say he asked a three-4 team scout, “Can McClellin play DE in a 4-three, with his hand on the ground?” the scout said “Are you kidding? Indeed, of study course he can.” Let’s not forget about Rod Marinelli here. One of the greatest line coaches in the biz. McClellin, the a lot more I listen to was a rather protected decide on he has a reduced-bust danger due to the fact of his perform ethic and motor. He is a low-ceiling substantial-flooring sort man. (EDIT: Sorry for the confusion right here, for transparency motives I am noting that I corrected my very own error)

What did we learn about Emery?

This is a complex solution. It’s simple to see the protection in the 3rd round and say “Ah here is an additional Jerry Angelo.” (Like I did on my Facebook web page Saturday) but the far more I look at the draft as a whole I see styles. A single Emery values pace, Matt Bowen details out “Every single player drafted over the last 3 days has a forty time of four.six or better.” He also will take risks. We understood that from the Marshall shift, but the trade-up for Alshon Jeffery and the Evan Rodriguez pick solidify it. As does Hardin. Emery aimed to get guys with likely but huge worries of well being, character and perform ethic. Emery says he and the employees did their due diligence and I hope he did. He is obviously much more of a gambler after day one particular than JA at any time was.

Finally, as prolonged as these gamers work out, which stays to be noticed of training course, Emery did what he set out to do get people who can effect this crew and make a difference. The Bears have been by most accounts, shut to a deep playoff caliber team. So then a velocity rusher who ought to step in as a rookie on third downs and make a difference is great, even if he just isn’t a starter. Then Alshon Jeffery, a man who can step in opposite Marshall and phase up and perform. From what we have seen on the “mic’d up” segments is there any purpose to feel that Jay Cutler would not maintain Jeffery accountable? He demands a good deal from his teammates and I believe if Jeffery shows up in shape, Cutler can keep his focused. Evan Rodriguez is an intriguing guy, will he be prepared as a rookie is his biggest problem but if he can step into an H-again/TE part than that is a likely dynamic playmaker the Bears never have at that position.

At the end of the day, the biggest problem from any draft is, did you arrive absent with a few starters? We will not know for a pair a lot more seasons but I think Emery has absolutely transformed some things in Halas Corridor and I can’t decide this course but, but it truly is interesting and I’m energized about it. I haven’t always mentioned it about JA drafts (with the exception of previous year) but relocating ahead, it’s going to be a enjoyable 2012 season.

Windy Metropolis Gridiron

Social Security In US Less Generous Than Similar Countries

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

When compared to other similar countries, retirement benefits in the United States are relatively modest. A report from CNBC took a closer look at retirement systems in numerous countries and found the U.S. to be performing lower than the average. Retirees in the U.S. generally receive about 47 percent of their pre-retirement income on Social Security. Similar programs in Europe and elsewhere generally pay about 68 percent of pre-retirement income.

In the 2011 Melbourne Mercer Global Pensions Index, the U.S. was given a middling grade of “C,” along with France, Singapore, Brazil, Poland and Germany.

A country given a C has “a system that has some good features, but also has major risks and/or shortcomings that should be addressed,” the report states. “Without these improvements, its efficacy and/or long-term sustainability can be questioned.”

The United States ranked close to average among 16 countries in adequacy of benefits provided and above average in sustainability, the likelihood that the system can maintain the benefits in the future. It fell short, however, on a sub-index focused on the private sector pension system.

The U.S. could take steps for a better score, the report said, including raising the minimum benefit for low-income retirees, improving benefits vesting, and further limiting access to funds before retirement.

The Service Employees International Union, among other organizations, is calling upon Washington to improve the U.S. retirement system:

The fastest, most efficient and fairest way to improve retirement security in the United States is to strengthen Social Security. Social Security is often the sole source of retirement income for low wage workers who are less likely to have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. The problem with Social Security is that its retirement benefits are less than $ 1,200 per month for millions of low wage workers.

SEIU reports that the upper one percent of Americans have already stopped paying Social Security taxes for 2012 because of a cap on what earnings pay into the system. Currently, once someone reaches $ 110,100 of income they have paid Social Security taxes on, they pay no more into the system for the year. Eliminating this cap is widely seen as the easiest and fairest solution to shoring up the future of Social Security. SEIU has an action opportunity for citizens to contact Congress and demand they scrap the cap.

Crooks and Liars

Q&A: Audio in my flash swf file plays faster than animation, why?

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Question by Becca: Audio in my flash swf file plays faster than animation, why?
Can anyone tell me why my audio would play faster than my animation once I upload it to the server? It plays perfectly on my hard drive but not on the server.

Thanks in advance

Best answer:

Answer by Mars
pls send the link to the file!

You need to set in the properties of the frame you want to start the song in to: Sync -> Start….or Sync -> Stream…

Do you preload the movie? If so just put in the properties tab the sync to start

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Is there a mathematical equation editor other than the editors in flash? if yes then where can i get it?

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Issue by : Is there a mathematical equation editor other than the editors in flash? if yes then in which can i get it?
Most of the mathematical equations editors are in flash player, i am seeking for a editor supported in any other format, say java or java script or html. I am not a really techno man but all i know that the flash editors are extremely time consuming and do not help most pc’s and laptops.
I understand that microsoft term delivers a mathematical equation editor, but i can’t hold it on my internet site as the maths editor. I need to have to have an editor which i can offer to members as a instrument to work on.

Greatest reply:

Response by burntnickel
There is one that happens with Microsoft Word.

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Recommend a software for making presentations other than powerpoint?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Issue by Simko R: Suggest a software for creating shows other than powerpoint?
can you advise me some software program to make presentation far better and impressible than powerpoint’s presentation, or perhaps some converter from ppt/pptx to swf/video?

Greatest answer:

Reply by katnev
Attempt openoffice.org’s impress. LaTeX is excellent to make pdf shows at a fraction of the labour your will spend on powerpoint or openoffice.org. Never know if it can take care of videos.

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Pool Near U.S. City Contains More Radioactive Cesium than Released By Fukushima, Chernobyl and All Nuclear Bomb Tests COMBINED

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Radioactive Fuel Fires: Not Just a Japanese Problem

The spent fuel pools at Fukushima are currently the top short-term threat to humanity.

But fuel pools in the United States store an average of ten times more radioactive fuel than stored at Fukushima, have virtually no safety features, and are vulnerable to accidents and terrorist attacks.

If the water drains out for any reason, it will cause a fire in the fuel rods, as the zirconium metal jacket on the outside of the fuel rods could very well catch fire within hours or days after being exposed to air. See this, this, this and this. (Even a large solar flare could knock out the water-circulation systems for the pools.)

The pools are also filling up fast, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

fig044 Fuel Pool 35 Miles from Major American City   which Is Highly Vulnerable to Earthquakes   Contains More Radioactive Cesium than Released By Fukushima, Chernobyl and All Nuclear Bomb Tests COMBINED

The New York Times notes that squeezing more rods into pools may increase the risk of fire:

The reactor operators have squeezed spent fuel more tightly into the pools, raising the heat load and, according to some analyses, raising the risk of fire if the pools were ever drained.

Indeed, the fuel pools and rods at Fukushima appear to have “boiled”, caught fire and/or exploded soon after the earthquake knocked out power systems. See this, this, this, this and this.

Robert Alvarez – a nuclear expert and a former special assistant to the United States Secretary of Energy – notes that there have also been many incidents within the U.S. involving fuel pools:

Even though they contain some of the largest concentrations of radioactivity on the planet, U.S. spent nuclear fuel pools are mostly contained in ordinary industrial structures designed to merely protect them against the elements. Some are made from materials commonly used to house big-box stores and car dealerships.




All spent fuel pools at nuclear power plants do not have steel-lined, concrete barriers that cover reactor vessels to prevent the escape of radioactivity. They are not required to have back-up generators to keep used fuel rods cool, if offsite power is lost.




For nearly 30 years, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) waste-storage requirements have remained contingent on the opening of a permanent waste repository that has yet to materialize. Now that the Obama administration has cancelled plans to build a permanent, deep disposal site at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, spent fuel at the nation’s 104 nuclear reactors will continue to accumulate and are likely remain onsite for decades to come.


According to Energy Department data:

  • The spent fuel stored at 28 reactor sites have between 200-450 million curies of long-lived radioactivity;
  • 19 reactor sites have generated between 100-200 million curies in spent fuel; and,
  • 24 reactor sites have generated about 10-100 million curies.

Over the past 30 years, there have been at least 66 incidents at U.S. reactors in which there was a significant loss of spent fuel water. Ten have occurred since the September 11 terrorist attacks, after which the government pledged that it would reinforce nuclear safety measures. Over several decades, significant corrosion has occurred of the barriers that prevent a nuclear chain reaction in a spent fuel pool — some to the point where they can no longer be credited with preventing a nuclear chain reaction. For example, in June 2010, the NRC fined Florida Power and Light $ 70,000 for failing to report that it had been exceeding its spent fuel pool criticality safety margin for five years at the Turkey Point reactor near Miami. Because of NRC’s dependency on the industry self-reporting problems, it failed to find out that there was extensive deterioration of neutron absorbers in the Turkey Point pools and lengthy delays in having them replaced.


There are other strains being placed on crowded spent fuel pools. Systems required to keep pools cool and clean are being overtaxed, as reactor operators generate hotter, more radioactive, and more reactive spent rods. Reactor operators have increased the level of uranium-235, a key fissionable material in nuclear fuel to allow for longer operating periods. This, in turn, can cause the cladding, the protective envelope around a spent fuel rod, to thin and become brittle. It also builds higher pressure from hydrogen and other radioactive gases within the cladding, all of which adds to the risk of failure. The cladding is less than one millimeter thick (thinner than a credit card) and is one of the most important barriers preventing the escape of radioactive materials.




I co-authored a report in 2003 that explained how a spent fuel pool fire in the United States could render an area uninhabitable that would be as much as 60 times larger than that created by the Chernobyl accident. If this were to happen at one of the Indian Point nuclear reactors located 25 miles from New York City, it could result in as many as 5,600 cancer deaths and $ 461 billion in damages.


The U.S. government should promptly take steps to reduce these risks by placing all spent nuclear fuel older than five years in dry, hardened storage casks — something Germany did 25 years ago. It would take about 10 years at a cost between $ 3.5 and $ 7 billion to accomplish. If the cost were transferred to energy consumers, the expenditure would result in a marginal increase of less than 0.4 cents per kilowatt hour for consumers of nuclear-generated electricity.


Another payment option is available for securing spent nuclear fuel. Money could be allocated from $ 18.1 billion in unexpended funds already collected from consumers of nuclear-generated electricity under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act to establish a disposal site for high-level radioactive wastes.

This situation cannot be blamed on the nuclear industry alone (which wouldn’t exist without government subsidization of the nuclear industry). The U.S. government promised to come up with a permanent storage solution more than a decade ago, but has failed to do so. As nuclear affairs chief Terry Pickens for Xcel Energy correctly says:

We were able to get it where we thought we could make it to 1998, and they are still not performing. And now we still want to refuel and operate our reactors, so we have to make more space in the pools.

The New York Times noted in 2005:

Most of the plants now operating were designed to store fuel for only a few years, because engineers expected that it would either be recycled or buried. The Energy Department was supposed to begin accepting fuel for burial in 1998 but has not yet done so.




The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has repeatedly said that cask storage and pool storage are equally safe. On March 14, the commission’s chairman, Nils J. Diaz, told reporters that the pools ”are not easily breached structures.”


After an attack, they would be very easy to cool, he said. ”You get a couple of fire hoses, and spray them, and you have many, many hours,” he said, before there could be any radiological release, giving officials time to contain the problem.

That isn’t working out so well at Fukushima.

Single Pool Near Major American City Holds More Cesium than Fukushima, Chernobyl and all Nuclear Tests … Combined

Nuclear engineers David Lochbaum and Arnie Gundersen provide a stunning figure on the amount of radioactive fuel stored in the fuel pools at Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Plymouth, Massachusetts:

[There is] more radioactive Cesium in the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant’s spent fuel pool than was released by Fukushima, Chernobyl, and all nuclear bomb testing combined.


(And listen to this new must-hear interview with Gundersen).

The Pilgrim Nuclear plant is only 35 miles from downtown Boston.

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Pilgrim has the second highest risk of damage from an earthquake of any American nuclear facility.

What could possibly go wrong?

Nuclear power can be safe, or it can be cheap … but it can’t be both. For example, we’ve previously noted:

Apologists for the nuclear power industry pretend there are no better alternatives, so we just have to suck it up and suffer through the Japanese nuclear crisis.


But this is wholly illogical. The truth is that we can store spent fuel rods in dry cask storage, which is much safer than the spent fuel rod pools used in Fukushima and many American reactors.


As the Nation pointed out:

Short of closing plants, there is a fairly reliable solution to the problem of spent fuel rods. It is called “dry cask storage.”




But there is a problem with dry cask storage: it costs money….

Q&A: How to submit files other than video in metacafe.?

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Issue by vkscool: How to submit information other than video in metacafe.?
I wanted to submit information like SWF, DOC, TXT, JPG, PPT And PDF in metacafe. But it is only using video clip information.
I have downloaded material like These from metacafe so absolutely their must be a way to submit them also.
If any one know pls tell me i will give u ten details.

Best answer:

Reply by Wanna
That’s also easy
Just find the connected converters to help you: SWF to Video clip Converter, DOC Converter, PPT to Video Converter.

As to the PPT file, I can suggest you to use PowerPoint to Video Converter that downloaded from http://www.powerpointtovideo.com/

Currently, I am employing it to transform powerpoint to video clip file like avi, mp4, flv, vob, wmv, mov, mkv, and many others. for uploading to youtube, metacafe, dailymotion, and some other video clip share internet sites.

This powerpoint to video clip converter can completely retain the originals like animations,transitions,video clips,audio and so on for the goal videos for your uploading.

Wonderful plan and cost-free to try out http://www.powerpointtovideo.com/

Give your solution to this issue under!

Analyst Says iPhone Selling More Than Every Other Smartphone Combined At Sprint and AT&T

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Apple sold a whopping 37 million iPhones worldwide during its last holiday quarter.

Apple’s iPhone is a hot selling handset worldwide. This is evident after Apple revealed that it sold a whopping 37 million iPhones during its last holiday quarter, setting records for the company and putting it in the ranks as the world’s top smartphone manufacture. With the introduction of the iPhone 4S, Apple began selling the iPhone on the US’s third-largest carrier, Sprint, which helped boost sales, along with a larger availability worldwide.

According to a new report from Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley, Apple’s iPhone is outselling every other smartphone combined at Sprint and AT&T. However, it is facing some competition over at Verizon, specifically from Android.

Walkley said that at Verizon, “the iPhone is selling at roughly equal volume to all Android smartphones at Verizon.” Verizon is said to be the premier carrier for Android devices, with a strong lineup including the popular Galaxy Nexus and numerous versions of the popular Droid. The iPhone is also facing a small amount of competition at Sprint, where the Galaxy S II is said to be selling pretty well.

The big thing to note here is how important the iPhone is to AT&T and Sprint. AT&T was the first carrier to host the iPhone and has seen the most sales of the device since. Some say the network has been adding more Windows Phone devices to the lineup, just to have something to fall back on. As for Sprint, the network has placed a large sum of money on the iPhone, hoping that it will pay off. During the launch of the iPhone 4S, both networks saw record activations. Both are relying on Apple heavily.

But while Apple is rising, Samsung has also been said to make large gains last quarter. The Korea-based company made strong gains in Europe and Asia, according to the analyst.

We expect Apple to announce some pretty impressive sales numbers during its fiscal Q2 2012 earnings call coming up soon.

Source: AllThingsD

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