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The new iPad unboxed

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Wondering what to expect out of the box from the latest iPad? Dan Ackerman shows you in this unboxing.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

How to convert swf to image with alpha channel(PNG, TGA, TIFF)?

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Question by : How to convert swf to image with alpha channel(PNG, TGA, TIFF)?
My question is: I have a swf file, and want to extract image from swf. I had tried to capture image when play the swf file, but the quality is bad,even without alpha channel. So if there is another way for me to get image in swf file without losing quality?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Sofina
To extract image from swf file, the best way is to get the original frame of swf, rather than capture screen.

What you need is a swf converter, there are many results by google, and I recommend E.M. Magic Swf2Avi, which I have used for 3 years.

What this tool attracts me is that it supports almost all popular video formats(avi, mkv, wmv, flv, 3gp, etc), even HD video like AVCHD. So great a tool.

You can go to its official URL to see if this can help you or not.


Good luck!

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Where can i download swf files for my mobile?

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Question by : Where can i download swf files for my mobile?
I have a flash player in my mobile but i don’t know where to download some swf files cause i want some swf. Help!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Sina
Do you need some flash cards?

If yes, you can download some from http://www.leawo.com/promotion/flashgiftcards.html

Actually, you can google swf files!

BTW, if you need to convert swf file to video in other format, you can use Moyea SWF to Video Converter in http://www.swfkits.com

The swf to video converter from Moyea is the best and the only that can convert all complicated flash swf file, including interactive file….

Hope this can help you!

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Venice Gas House Trolley, DJs Khoa, Swampp Cat

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Venice Gas House Trolley, DJs Khoa, Swampp Cat
Event on 2012-08-02 21:00:00

Music: Clubs:

When: 08/02/12 @ 9:00pm
Call: 255-0901
Web: www.majesticmadison.com

More Information:
Venice Gas House Trolley
WHAT: Majestic Theater's Summer Jam Series
WHERE: The Majestic Theater, 115 King St, Madison, WI
WHEN: Thursday August 2nd
COST: All ages!


For more on the event:

VGHT hits the big stage at The Majestic for the first time on Thursday Aug 2nd. Free-versifying and psychedelic jams from the little engine that could!

Venice Gas House Trolley grooves body and mind creating a unique and organic live music experience. VGHT's original jam-based songs and poems transport audiences on a creatively wild and transformational journey through darkness and into the light. "Venice Gas House Trolley is organically delivering a new music experience for the listener…with funky, groovy fusion rock, the band creates a solid vibe….", raves musicwithoutlabels.com (Nashville, TN). "Courageous and organically fused…similar to that of Rage Asgainst The Machine at times, honest (and) holds the mood of a Shaman performing cleansing rituals." declares http://www.localplaylist.com

Spoken of by fans as "A Cerebral Groove" and "Sacred Existential Fusion Rock," VGHT brings a sense of passion and performance to every live show. The Trolley's appearances include festivals such as The Tall Tree Lake Music Festival (Goreville, IL), The Muddy River Jam Fest (Woodstown, NJ), The Overgrown Music & Arts Festival (Belmont, NY), The Michigan Peace Fest (Lacota, MI), The 40th Annual Midwest Harvest Fest (Madison, WI) and over 300 performances from Wisconsin to New York City. "The band (Flowpoetry on vocals, Tim Peeters on bass and vocals, Nikk Cramer on guitar and vocals, Josh Pultorak drums, and Dr. Beats on percussion) keep their groove taut and structured, leaving space for stories to unwind, but without forgetting the primal urge to move feet." states Rob F, Leicester Bangs (UK).

Praised by the media and fans alike for their new approach to words and intense yet chilled psychedelic jam, VGHT has emerged as originators of their own genre. The band has held the position as the #1 Jam Band in Madison, WI on ReverbNation since May of 2011 and was recently voted as one of the top 3 experimental music groups in Madison's Isthmus Newspaper's "Reader's Favorites" 2011 poll. Madison newspapers (The Capitol Times and The Onion AV Club, to name a few) have selected VGHT as the Critic's Choice for music event of the evening 17 times. The band was recently signed to The Homegrown Music Network national distribution community of bands (the roster includes Keller Williams, Lotus, and STS9 among many others). The Trolley is groovin' down the tracks! "Venice Gas House Trolley lean more toward Funkadelic…. [And] the band as a whole can keep up with [Flowpoetry's] eccentricity via slinky-funky bass and drums, flute, and a variety of careful melodic and atmospheric interjections. …Flowpoetry's voice is raspy and heavy over the cool suspense-building [music of the band]," raves The Onion A.V. Club. "The Trolley carves out a tribal, ambient, dreamy vibe…. They're a musical group that have finally arrived." declares The Isthmus (Madison, WI).

Venice Gas House Trolley features a finalist for the 2009 MNSWA "Urban Griot" International/National Performer of the Year, a three-time Madison Area Music Awards finalist and a Madison Area Music Award winner. VGHT encapsulates the dirty 1960s rock of Jefferson Airplane, slinky but aggressive and funky grooves of Claypool, eccentric and experimental sounds of Zappa, eclectic jam and fun attitude of Phish, rockin' hip-hop and reggae beats of 311, and flowin' words of Tom Waits. Through this creative mix, the band has released three full length domestic CDs and has placed tracks on British compilations. VGHT recently released CD "Burst Open" has already begun to receive rave reviews. "(VGHT's Burst Open) makes the relationship between words and music feel new again.", declares The Isthmus Newspaper (Madison, WI). "The group is on the cutting edge of the nationwide expansion of new forms of spoken word and includes two Madison-area Music Award finalists. The band is unique, theatrical and musical," raves The Chronicle (DeKalb, IL.). "Words flowing over bass and drums thrumming jazz, groove, folk, country, blues, psychedelic, jam. Man!" The Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)

The group features the words and voice of Adam Gregory Pergament (aka Flowpoetry). Tim Peeters is on bass. Josh Pultorak is on drums, Nikk Cramer is on guitar, and Dr. Beats is on percussion. "…very chill yet gripping…. some hip jive, Cat Daddy," states Gapers Block presents: Transmission (Chicago, IL). "…Venice Gas House Trolley combines spoken word poetry with organic live music creating a cutting edge, one-of-a-kind expression." 365ink.com (Dubuque, IA).

"In my two years of working with the Homegrown Music Network, I have reviewed close to 50 different albums of varying range and styles. In those two years, I have never reviewed an album quite like 'Burst Open.' So, to call this album 'original,' only begins the discussion. The tracks on this album show flashes of 'jam rock' sensibility and fuse those flashes with an 'art rock' mentality, for lack of a better term. The tracks on this album fuse elements of beat poetry with other musical styles to make a truly exotic, one-of-a-kind album." The Homegrown Music Network

This show is all ages with a cover.

at Majestic Theater
115 King Street
Madison, United States

o-flow/busenhalter aka BH – SWF | AUF STELZEN

Friday, July 27th, 2012

www.facebook.com “Köln-Süd” EP bestellen bei www.entbs.de Produktion ENTBS Kamera: Romeo Jesus Schnitt: Nils Schomers aka DJ Nille the Rille www.lighthouse-film.de

How can I use multiple flash drives connected to a hub as a single drive?

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Question by Answrpl0x?: How can I use multiple flash drives connected to a hub as a single drive?
Hi, I have 4 2gb. Flash drives of identical make and model attached to a hub they are all formatted freshly to NTFS. How can I use all of these connected to the hub together as a single flash drive?

Best answer:

Answer by Gene M
Warning!! This is not tested!!
You can try going into computer management, disk management, and select both drives. You should then be able to select create logical drive.

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How good is a usb flash drive storage device for holding pictures?

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Question by : How good is a usb flash drive storage device for holding pictures?
I have always burnt pictures onto cd’s for long term storage, I have heard usb flash drives can suddenly lose all data, any personal experiences with the 4gb flash drive storage devices (or larger) would be welcome, what is the longest you have storaged data, would the pictures (data) remain in good shape
thanks all, up for a vote.

Best answer:

Answer by Jake
Just as effective as a cd, but USB drives generally have more memory and can hold multiple types of media, ex. Music, video, pictures, documents etc.

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Original Ipad 3G & Wi-fi 16gb

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Original Ipad 3G & Wi-fi 16gb

For sale original Ipad 16gb/ 3G & wi-fi Terrific condition comes with a USB cord and a pink case

Price: $ 275


Saint Cloud, USA

Empires – Valor – Far From The Truth – Carry The Sky – Decisions – First Wednesday’s – DJ D- Strong – Daddy Rich – Hosted by Shellie Flash – Conqueror – Consumer – Flood the Streets

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Empires – Valor – Far From The Truth – Carry The Sky – Decisions – First Wednesday’s – DJ D- Strong – Daddy Rich – Hosted by Shellie Flash – Conqueror – Consumer – Flood the Streets
Event on 2012-08-01 18:30:00

at The Social
54 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, United States